Monday, January 31, 2005

High Noon Coming For Big Drug Companies?

Another drug bites the dust? But, there are so many! Line 'em up, shoot 'em down. That is exactly what big pharma wants to do with vitamins and supplements. The best defense is a good offense. Kudos to the good doctors at Kaiser. Let us hope that the rest of the doctors who dispense these poisons like good little drug pushers will grow a back bone or at least get smart, and stop being whores for the giant drug companies.

"A ban by Kaiser, whose practices are in many ways a model for other health care providers, could further damp sales of Bextra, which had sales last year of $1.29 billion. Those sales have already slumped since Pfizer acknowledged last fall that studies had shown that the drug increased the risks of heart attack and stroke among patients who have had coronary artery bypass surgery. Many experts have speculated that its risks could be as high as Vioxx's. " Full Article at:

For a short review of what the big drug companies are trying to do to control your free access to vitamins and supplements go to:
It is true story that could happen here soon! See bottom of article for actions you can take.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mercury Sources That Need Spanking

Well, okay, this is just too good. The LA Times is too cheap to put the article out on the net for free, even though it has great socially redeeming qualities. So, we are showing Dr. Mercola's entire posting of this article for your information. We hope you will then bookmark his blog at as the second best on the internet. Here tis.....

Chlorine Plants Among the Largest Sources of Mercury

Nine U.S. chlorine factories located primarily in the Midwest and Southeast have been identified as some of the largest and "long overlooked" sources of mercury, according to a report issued by Oceana, an environmental group. So much so, those nine plants could be releasing as much, or more, mercury than the entire output of this nation's power companies COMBINED!
Although recent efforts to control emissions in the United States have largely been focused on coal-fired mercury plants, the chlorine industry, in addition to the Environmental Protection Agency, has admitted its sizable role in mercury pollution. That's very little consolation, considering these factories each reported emitting an average of almost 1,100 pounds of mercury into the air in 2002, FIVE TIMES the output of the average power plant, according to the report. In fact, eight of the nine plants rank among the nation's top 25 companies in reported mercury emissions.
Even scarier, the actual amount of mercury emissions could be much higher and is largely unknown because many tons are unaccounted for at the chlorine plants every year. No wonder
most all fish are unsafe to eat anywhere.
The hidden health danger that's not discussed in the study: Chlorine is the primary chemical in the making of
Splenda, the "sweet poison" that taints many processed foods.
Los Angeles Times January 26, 2005

Friday, January 21, 2005


FROM DR. MERCOLA'S SITE: Over 150 People Are Diagnosed With Cancer Each Hour!!

This year, about 156 people every hour will learn they have cancer, and by the end of 2004 scientists predict 563,700 people will have died from cancer in the United States, according to a report from the American Cancer Society. Evidence from the report shows that obesity and little exercise can cause as many as one-third of the United States’ cancer cases.

For a good article on Alternative approaches to cancer therapy:

Friday, January 14, 2005


Review of Statin Drugs From Alternative Side: Now big pharma wants to sell statins over the counter. Well, at least they are consistent....blankity-blank!

From the Omnivore Newsletter:

Statin Drugs:The Ultimate Manifestation of Anti-Cholesterol Stupidity?

By Anthony Colpo,March 14, 2004.The last decade has seen a rapid rise in the use of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. Last week, media reports hailed the results of a new study as "proof" that doctors should more aggressively pursue cholesterol-lowering in CHD patients by using even higher dosages of statin drugs. While they might be hailed as "miracle drugs" by the establishment, statins have been shown to cause muscle damage, liver dysfunction, fatigue, impaired mental function, and may even contribute to heart failure and cancer. In this article we will learn why statins are anything but "miraculous". Before we do that though, let's take a quick journey back in time to learn about the plight of "Acirema"… FULL ARTICLES AT;

Even better, check the MUST READ INFO on Dr. Mercola’s site:

The Truth About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs (Statins), Cholesterol, and Health

More info at:

Bad News About Statin Drugs:

The following article form the "Center for Medical Consumers" summaries the real Cholesterol sham that is being imposed on the unsuspecting. I have highlighted the key points to assist all to get the gist of this issue and ramp up on these concerns. Naturally, pharma and their medical cronies will not discuss these openly due their funding dependencies.
Chris Gupta

..."Dr. Ravnskov managed to push the envelope further by making a case for high cholesterol as a protective against cancer. He showed slides listing published studies that found higher rates of infectious disease among hospitalized people with low cholesterol levels. Also, several studies found higher cancer rates in people with low cholesterol levels.. SEE FULL ARTICLE AT;


Friday, January 07, 2005

International Codex Alimentarius Commission Mr. Hyde Revealed

A Just In Time reminder from the Idaho Observer. July 2005 is the month we lose a major portion of our health freedom if we don't act now and act decisively!

Should vitamins and herbs be available by prescription only?

The overwhelming majority of people would be surprised that the question above was even asked. Then they would almost universally answer, "No."

But, while we preoccupy ourselves with phony elections and the likely expansion of war in the Middle East, the U.S. delegation of the "International Codex Alimentarius Commission" has been working for years to accomplish something truly sinister: The control of our access to vitamins, herbs and other dietary supplements.

If these delegates (most of whom work for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) are successful, we will have to get prescriptions from licensed physicians to obtain vitamin C.

For a bunch of good information to get you up to speed and links to what you can do:

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Fast Food Dangers

If you are a chicken eater you might want to seriously re think eating at KFC. It has come to light that they are very backward in their approach to the slaughtering of millions of chickens per year. Whereas McDonald's is making progress in humane treatment of the birds, KFC could give a damn.

This may not seem like much but when you go deeper you begin to see there is a price for causing these creatures unnecessary pain and suffering. When animals are killed in a state of fear and pain from being tormented and tortured, they produce strong chemicals in their bodies which become toxins later on. When people eat these tortured birds, they imbibe many toxins which will add to their toxicity buildup, i.e. Karma if you will.

First they hang the chickens upside down. Then they slit their throats. But, then, while they are still living, they thrust them into boiling water and boil them alive to loosen the feathers. This is unnecessary and brutal. Also, there are instances of workers actually torturing the birds by throwing them against walls and playing other "games".

A company has come up with a way to humanely put the birds to sleep which, in the long run, will save money too. Next time you pass a KFC outlet, just keep going until they mend their ways. Better yet, become a vegetarian and get healthier and make less bad karma!

For a streaming video and other info on how and what they do: