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Wonder what is happening to the honey bees? We think this is the answer, or at least Part One. Just in case you are too busy (lazy) to read the whole article by Richard Hoagland and David Wilcock, here is a critical excerpt. You have to read this if you value all that you hold dear! (CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder)

The vast volume of the Galaxy immediately outside our system of orbiting planetary objects -- and just outside the influence of the magnetic field of the sun -- is called the Local Interstellar Medium ... or "LISM." If the solar system is changing as much as we've reported from intrinsic HD and torsion effects, we would expect to see an energetic increase in the far more distant LISM as well.

A "feedback effect" from the LISM would then be expected on the various "heliosphere" parameters within the sun's magnetic influence, that our most distant spacecraft (the two Pioneers and two Voyagers) are now actively sampling, as they forever leave the solar system -- measurable by such things as "the quantity and density of charged particles" they are finding and reporting back by radio from their extraordinarily remote locations now.

And, if you were a government (or, others ...) who did not want even this type of "unsettling, changing solar system information" to reach "ordinary folks," just to be really safe, you'd probably keep all your bases covered on this esoteric front as well.

And, it looks like "someone" has ....

As Wilcock reported in 2002, NASA scientist Dr. Don Shemansky found the initial "happiness and wonder of scientific discovery" meeting up with a cold, dark, "insidious force" -- the same scientific suppression that led to those recent (at least ...) 294 acts of documented censorship by the US government, against NASA's Dr. Hansen.

Dr. Shemansky, after many years of quiet "suffering," publicly denounced NASA's "persistent, pernicious bias" against ANY research suggesting there is "a charge-up in the LISM." Don't forget that "pernicious" means "deadly, evil and insidious" -- so this is quite an accusation, coming from a physicist! (the "Way Back Machine") shows Shemansky's page, carrying this remarkable public indictment of NASA, was first recorded on "February 17th, 2001":

"... research on the properties of the Local Interstellar medium have been carried out in scattered periods beginning in 1978. The NASA Space Physics Division has shown a persistent pernicious bias against work on the effects of the neutral gas in the LISM in the United States, from the time of the formation of the Division…

"The most important contributions to research in this Program are papers ... which present the first evidence for a large increase in the LISM neutral atomic hydrogen density… [emphasis added]."

So, NASA doesn't want Shemansky to share even his extremely esoteric "interstellar research" -- which could ultimately suggest even the vast volume of space surrounding the entire solar system is, somehow, undergoing "a fundamental change in physics."

And, this "pernicious NASA bias" on this subject could extend all the way back to 1978, as Shemansky himself indicates.

Someone, even then, really didn't want this getting out ... did they?!
But, does the buck stop with NASA?


Dr. James Hansen's recent testimony reveals that this "pernicious bias" comes from far higher ... directly from the highest levels of the US government itself -- not only the White House -- but, whomever is actually running things .....

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