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This one of the most important postings we have put up. This was sent to us annoymously and given freely. Please do the same:

FDA: Irradiating Spinach, Lettuce OK To Kill Germs by CBS News

Editorial by John Q. Citizen based on the above story by CBS:

Q: The beginning? Will this open the door to irradiating all our food eventually and if so, what are the consequences.

This is the question we should all be asking. The citizens of this country do not want this. They even said so on the newscast. But, as history proclaims no one in power listens. Down through our brief history, there have been many harmful experiments on the American public, most secret but many a matter of record. If seems we really are asleep for the most part. At this point, they pretty much do what they want. “They”, being those dirty rich and powerful people who belong to the ruling class that is invisible for the most part. They employ their minions, industries etc. like in a monopoly game. The difference is, these rulers do not see us as human beings, they see us as cattle and sheep. The see themselves as shepherds and it is the business of the shepherd to shear the sheep. And sometimes to have one or two for dinner.

Before I get to the effect let me dwell just a moment on the cause as this will help you comprehend that this is just one more ploy in an endless array of control mechanisms. If nothing else, this may alert some of you to the constant threat that is looming over us, a sword of Damocles waiting to fall on the innocent and naïve.

They would have you believe that “they” do not exist, that they are a paranoid delusion of misfits and the disenfranchised elements of society. But, they have always been there influencing and controlling when they could and backing wars when they were forced be more assertive. Just study history. There hand is visible to the discriminating student. Who are they? It hardly matters since they are beyond the reach of us serfs. They are of every type. There is no one thing that categorizes them except money and power and an insatiable greed for more. They love power like you love sex.

You think they do not exist? Well, they pay a lot of money to keep you believing that and deflecting your attention into a thousand diversions and false fronts. They remain invisible. Yet, their influence is profound. They are draining away the wealth of America. Soon we will be nothing more than economic slaves to banks that are owned by foreign interests. We will return to the condition of serfs in merry old England. Several hundred years of progress wiped out but no worries, they will still be rich, even richer. And now they are working on how to keep us suppressed and weak so in our outrage as a free people we cannot resist or fight. They are making us sick and now they plan to make us even sicker because the sick cannot resist. They have been denaturing our food and water for years and profiting on both sides as we run to the doctors to get well from food and water that is basically toxic. Now the coup de gra. If fluoridating the water is bad, irradiating the food is the nuke that will take us all out in one or two generations. And we thought it was the Iranians, the Russians, Al Kaida. Hell no, those are the diversions to keep us busy while they sharpen their knifes for the feast. it is the ever loving’ food industry and their puppets the FDA and other government and media whores who are their minions wither through ignorant compliance or just plain venality. Now, I let off some steam let us get to the center of this issue, one of the many small steps leading to the fall of the American Empire.

Let’s look at what a plasma physicist has to say about irradiating food:

When high intensity, high-energy gamma rays bombard the molecules of the food, they at random knock electrons out of atoms of these molecules. These electrons generally are given high kinetic energy from their encounter with the gamma ray photon. So much kinetic energy that as these electrons travel through the food they leave behind them a track of thousands of broken and rearranged chemical bonds from many of the molecules they have collided with. The resultant molecules of these electron collisions are quite often harmful to your body's chemistry. Some are free radical compounds that can destroy many of your body's enzymes, attack cell membranes and rearrange protein molecules. All of these toxic, unwanted and unnatural compounds must be dealt with by the body cells and, in particular, must be gotten rid of by the liver and kidneys. The advocates of food irradiation apparently have no idea of the vast numbers of chemical compounds created by food irradiation.

As if all of the above was not bad enough, it gets worse. When the electron is knocked out of an atom by the gamma ray photon, it leaves behind a place for an electron to be in that atom. An electron that is further out from the atom nucleus moves in to fill the ejected electron's place. This transition by the outer electron is accompanied by the emission of a photon. Depending on the particular atom type (element) and on the combination of which electron was ejected and which electron took its place the emitted photon can vary in energy from that of an x-ray photon to an infrared light photon. Furthermore, all the electrons that move to take the place of the ejected electron leave behind an electron place that another electron will move into fill with the accompanying photon emission. This process will continue until all but the outer most electron place is unoccupied and there now exists a vary chemically reactive ion ready to destroy and or rearrange the structure of an adjacent molecule or the one that it is in.

But it gets worse. Those emitted photons travel through the food, initiating more electron ejections from atoms and direct chemical bond breaks and rearrangements. This massive destruction and rearrangement of the chemical bonds, which destroys bacterial chemistry so effectively, leaves a trail of "broken" molecules, which our bodies will have to deal with. This will become just one more untraceable cause of the cancers that plague our society. Just this week I heard of another clean-living, health conscious cancer victim say "Why me?" This will become one more secret danger to the unsuspecting. However, since the food is not left radioactive, the irradiators want you to believe that it is totally safe and they tell you such. They are liars at best.


I don’t know about you but that scares me. If you thought the China Syndrome or Silkwood was scary, this is really an Oscar winner. How to turn an already sick public into a bunch of zombies that glow in the dark. A few people get sick because of age, compromised immune system or because they just plain did not wash their produce etc. and everyone has to pay for it. True socialism. True equality; everyone gets it.

15,000,000 –30,000,000 x-rays; that is what he CBS evening news said was the equivalent of what they are going to nuke lettuce and spinach with. Do you think that the vitamins and other nutrients in that produce are immune? No. all kinds of radiological toxins are produced for you to eat. And, once they sneak this by, they will want to irradiate everything. It will be like playing Russian roulette with a machine gun to just go to the market and prepare dinner!!!

Fluoride in the water. It is a proven cancer causer. No worries. The people are asleep. No matter the Nazis used this in the water to make the prisoners compliant. No matter that everywhere they have fluoridated water the cancer rate has gone up significantly. No matter. No worries.

Irradiate their food? No worries. They will never knw2o what hit them. Why should they change their modus operandi now? They are draining us and killing us and we have no more awareness than the proverbial frog who is slowly cooked so he does not jump out of the water. We are that frog.

Let’s take this CBS article and break it down a bit:

“The Food and Drug Administration on Friday will issue a new regulation allowing spinach and lettuce sellers to take that extra step, a long-awaited move amid increasing outbreaks from raw produce.”


This is typical of propaganda; “long-awaited move amid increasing outbreaks from raw produce.” Who has been waiting? Not me. This implies that everyone has been waiting for this so who are you to question it. Also, it implies that these outbreaks are increasing somehow and that they will indeed continue. There is no evidence of this since there is every motivation for the farmers to police themselves as they are doing. They lost a fortune last time. Also, implied is that all raw produce is at risk. This is setting the stage for future expansion in the irradiation program! Wow! Didn’t realize so much subtext could be packed into that little sentence did you? Maybe you should pay more attention to what you are reading and don’t just swallow it hook, line and sinker.

“A leading food safety expert said irradiation indeed can kill certain bacteria safely — but it doesn't kill viruses that also increasingly contaminate produce, and it isn't as effective as tightening steps to prevent contamination starting at the farm.”

Thanyou, to this voice of reason. Note that it is like the papiloma virus vaccine. It only protects against one strain of cancer, maybe, and at what price? Already there is growing concern that like other vaccines, the dangers outway the benefits, if any. Researchers Question If HPV Vaccine Is Worth the Risk. See this ABC story:

Researchers Question If HPV Vaccine Is Worth the Risk

“Won't zapping leafy greens with X-rays or other means of radiation leave them limp? Not with today's modern techniques and the right dose, the FDA decided.”

Yes, that is what matters; whether the leaves are limp or not. And who says what the right dose is? Are these jokers nuclear physicists with a degree in biology? Do they have a clue what they are doing? How many drugs has the FDA okayed and then had to withdraw due to deaths and side effects? Too many. They are not protecting the public; they are protecting their masters, the big drug companies.

“The FDA determined that irradiation can kill E. coli, salmonella and listeria, as well as lengthen shelf life, without compromising the safety, texture or nutrient value of raw spinach lettuce — the first greens studied.” FDA's Tarantino, said.
Read the analyis above by a plasma physicist about the harmful effects of radiation food. They read the last sentence by the FDA spoke hole. Now, do you still trust Big Brother to watch out for you? If you do, I have some great swamp land for a banana stand in Afganistan for you.

Tarantino continues: "There is no residue, there's nothing left and certainly no radioactivity left," she said.

Yes, that is true. The damage has been done. Like being sliced by a thief with a straight razor, you do not feel the pain until you are already bleeding to death. Happy eating.

Just like they needed to find a way to get rid of the fluoride that was the waste of certain chemical plants, now they have to find a way to use profitable use radioactive elements from all the new nuclear reactors they are planning.

If they can radiate all the food, then we will be the sickest people who ever lived on the earth and just so much fodder for the giant, inefficient medical machine that is draining all our resources. Once the vampires have drained all our blood, we are of no further use. America is under the gun. We are under attack and no one seems to realize it. Soon, we will go the way of all affluent and powerful societies that can have whatever they desire and so they have everything TOO MUCH. We are eating ourselves to death. We are vaccinating for everything under the sun and so weakening our natural defenses to the point where we can fight nothing by ourselves anymore. On every front from medicine to the economy we are being raped, pillaged and plundered and all with our permission. We just don’t know what we singed. A million insects are sucking our blood as a people and we are unaware. The mosquito secrets a substance that increases blood flow and anesthetizes its victim so the bite is not felt until later. When will we feel the bites? Is it too late?

They have been killing us with medicine for decades now with not a whimper from anyone. Medicine is the number one killer in this country!!! Bet you didn’t know that. See:
Death By Medicine. Now it is irradiating the food which will be far more difficult to quantify because the sickness and cancer that it causes will be buried for years like the cigarette conspiracy. And these liars, these whores, these fools are propagandizing us into oblivion. If they get control of our food and they manage to pass the Codex Alimentarius law to make all vitamins and supplements a prescription item, and they control the pharmaceutical industry so they can force vaccinations of anything on us, then never a shot will need to be fired. They will come and remove the guns from our cold, dead hands as we slip into a coma from some otherwise innocuous germ that never would nave bothered our caveman ancestors. RIP

Draw the line. Refuse to buy anything that has been irradiated or has ingredients that were. Check it out. Buy only from local farmers that you know and trust.

I would rather wash my food and take some extra precautions like extra vitamin c or cayenne pepper with my meals than eat irradiated, glow in the dark poison. Lest they paint us critics as modern day Luddites, paranoid and unscientific, let me assure you that the physics and chemistry is clear. But just as the liars have found a way to proclaim global warming is man’s fault and made a trusting people believe it, even in the face of thousands of scientists that honestly disagree but are not heard, they may yet find enough whore or ignorant scientists to endorse and promote irradiation as positively wonderful and even healthy! See article on global warming.


Even if temperature had risen above natural variability, the recent solar Grand Maximum may have been chiefly responsible. Even if the sun were not chiefly to blame for the past half-century’s warming, the IPCC has not demonstrated that, since CO2 occupies only one-ten-thousandth part more of the atmosphere that it did in 1750, it has contributed more than a small fraction of the warming. For more:

“Propaganda strikes deep. Into your heart it will creep.” To paraphrase an old Buffalo Springfieid song of the 60’s. Remember, there was a time when the ads were proclaiming cigarettes as good for you. Ronald Reagan, Tom Selleck and other role models were once unwitting whores for the tobacco industry. How many millions have died from dig? Do you think someone cares? I do. You do. That is who you can count on. Don’t trust them. Like the x files said, trust no one, well at least don’t trust the FDA or the doctors who have surrendered their souls to the almighty dollar. Some actually may believe this is just one harmless step. But, gradualism is how we got into this mess in the first place. The Federal Reserve, IRS and income taxes, all this came about illegally and slowly so no one noticed. Now everyone just accepts it even though there is no law that says you must pay income taxes. It was supposed to be voluntary. Do you want your children, if they live, to live in a society like the one that is coming. It is almost here. You know it in your hearts. Question everything. Do something. Anything. Send emails to all your favorite markets and tell them in no uncertain terms you will not ever buy anything that has been irradiated. Call talk shows. Share this with your PTA and your Kiwanis or Rotary club. Share this with your friends and vote with your wallet. May you live long and prosper.


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