Monday, November 05, 2007


This is scary stuff.

"Although humans have genes similar to insect genes, researchers say that it is highly unlikely that ingesting Monsanto's corn would cause gene silencing in people."

Now, doesn't that make you feel better? A company with the rep of Monsanto, that sets up small farmers so they can be bought out or go to jail, says it is highly unlikely that this will endanger people. We feel so much better with this assurance.

Thought provoking? What is gene silencing? You bet your life. And, you better find out before you eat this crap and fall over dead. I guess the cancer from all the additives like fluoride in the water, is not killing us fast enough and they want to hurry it along. Read the article in full and be very afraid for the future of our race. These monkeys with machine guns are the very same scientists that are paving our way to hell with 60,000 unsafe chemicals added to everything we eat, drink and breathe. Progress is not the enemy. Greed is.

We have to demand no genetically engineered modified food before it is too late. Read the label. Demand of your health store that they do not sell this poison. Japan will not let it into their country. They may yet win world war 2 when you realize they have been loading our foods up with MSG under secret names since the end of world war 2. Or, did it really end. The big Nazi drug companies are still selling drugs, but now they do it "legally". The American people are dying of toxins everywhere. We are losing the war and we don't even know it.

Read this and weep.