Sunday, October 21, 2007


Kid too rambunctious? Give the the little sweetheart a pill. That'll calm the little rugrat down. That is the growing solution in the schools where parents may not know or have any power to intervene soon.

There are surreptitious movements going on here and there, to give the school authority to mandate that little hyper active tyke take whatever pills the nurse and psych decide are necessary for the peace and harmony of the status quo. In one state they are trying to pass a law requiring all children from pr-school on to have a mandatory psychiatric evaluation, for their own good of course. What a wind fall for certain drug pushers, er, we mean, large pharmaceutical companies.

Years ago, there was a show on ABC called Friday Night. There was a comic who did the impression of a crazy pharmacist who kept repeating, "Got a problem, take a pill." It was funny then. Not so much now. Everyone is turning into a drug addict. Have you noticed?

As always, these changes come in very gradually so as not to upset people, (wake them up). So, that is how you cook a frog. You turn up the heat so gradually he does not notice until it is too late. Are you done yet?

Read this referenced article if you care at all about the future generations in America or anywhere else the large pharmaceuticals and psychiatrists are in bed together. Force feeding drugs, especially these kinds of dangerous anti psychotics, to kids as young as 6 years old is what they are planning to do! You had better wake up and be part of the solution or you will find yourself being forced to take certain drugs to calm you down, all for your good of course.

Read this and tremble at the possibilities. But, at least you will be educated.

PS: Go back and read "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, and its sequel, "Brave New World Re-Visitied" and tell us if it is still science fiction.