Friday, February 16, 2007


We don't want to alarm you, but again we find you have to pay attention all the more often in this decadent, toxin filled world. We take vitamins, but we make a real effort to buy the best brand we can find, not the first thing we grab off the supermarket shelf. In fact, supermarkets may be swell for buying toilet paper and dental floss, but vitamins....?

"There is lead in small amounts in many foods and drink," Cooperman said, "but the amount of lead in this multivitamin was more than you'd be exposed to from all the lead you are exposed to every day for about 5 days, and you'd be getting that every day from just the daily dose of this multivitamin."

There is more for this Scientific American article:

Testing finds lead in vitamins, other problems

There are some really good brands out there and though expensive, can be found on the internet at discount prices, e.g. Nature's Plus, Country Life, Now, etc. Check this out and quizz the vitamin person at your local health food store. Even call the company and ask them pointed questions about how they insure their product from contamination, etc.