Sunday, January 02, 2005

Fast Food Dangers

If you are a chicken eater you might want to seriously re think eating at KFC. It has come to light that they are very backward in their approach to the slaughtering of millions of chickens per year. Whereas McDonald's is making progress in humane treatment of the birds, KFC could give a damn.

This may not seem like much but when you go deeper you begin to see there is a price for causing these creatures unnecessary pain and suffering. When animals are killed in a state of fear and pain from being tormented and tortured, they produce strong chemicals in their bodies which become toxins later on. When people eat these tortured birds, they imbibe many toxins which will add to their toxicity buildup, i.e. Karma if you will.

First they hang the chickens upside down. Then they slit their throats. But, then, while they are still living, they thrust them into boiling water and boil them alive to loosen the feathers. This is unnecessary and brutal. Also, there are instances of workers actually torturing the birds by throwing them against walls and playing other "games".

A company has come up with a way to humanely put the birds to sleep which, in the long run, will save money too. Next time you pass a KFC outlet, just keep going until they mend their ways. Better yet, become a vegetarian and get healthier and make less bad karma!

For a streaming video and other info on how and what they do: