Sunday, June 15, 2008


Prospective investigation of complementary and alternative medicine use and subsequent hospitalizations

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2008

This is just one aspect but very important when you consider how many people are dying in hospitals from something other than what they went in with! (see Death By Medicine). If you cannot read the whole paper from BMC (see link below) at least check this out. CAM means Complementary Alternative Medicine. Note that results were better with self-administration than with practitioner-assisted CAM. Maybe God does help those who help themselves! Maybe it reflects the importance of the patient’s desire and commitment to get well.

“Conclusions: While there were limitations to these analyses, this investigation utilized an objective measure of health to investigate the potential health effects of CAM therapies and found a modest reduction in the overall risk of hospitalization associated with self-administration of two or more CAM therapies. In contrast, use of practitioner-assisted CAM was not associated with a protective effect.”

NOTE: A more negative conclusion might suggest that when doctors assist with alternative therapies, they either consciously or unconsciously shape the result toward favoring their own prejudices, which usually are leaning more toward the treatments they have been programmed for, and that make more profit, i.e. allopathic or drug and surgery based treatements! We have found in our experience, that many times allopathic and alternative medicine do not mix well, especially when the patient is using heavy pharmaceuticals or has had their immune system compromised by chemotherapy and radiation etc.


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