Friday, May 23, 2008


Cell phones are not only dangerous to your health but they are also a pain in the butt. A friend of ours decided to get a cheap, prepaid cell phone just in case of emergencies, i.e. car break down etc.

This seemed like a good idea. However, here is the litany of grievances our friend has about this experience:

“First, it took quite a long time to research the various pre-paid phones on the market. I invested at least an hour in trying to make a buying decision. I decided on the simplest one for the money, the Samsung 219 T-Mobile. Then, when I got to the store, there was really no one there to help as you would at a cell phone store. You are pretty much on your own. The print was too small and when I looked at the pre-paid sim cards there was no mention that I could find of how many minutes they were, just how much! Great. When I asked a sales guy did this mean it was one dollar per minute he said that sounded right. A dollar per minute? What planet am I on?

The worst part was when I got home and tried to open the thing. Be prepared with tools. I needed a sharp knife and scissors and it still took about 5 minutes to cut through the thick plastic, and it hurt my fingers.

Then, there were the directions. Damn. The Chinese have still not forgiven us curing the rest of the world of communism. Whoever puts together these instructions hates people or Americans. Instead of being rational and having a card with all the basic start up info, they have it all in a miniature booklet. Well, don’t forget your magnifying glass and a good light source. Obviously, this was not meant for adults but kids who have good eyes and like to tear open packages.

Then, after charging the damn thing for 3 hours and inserting the sim card….it did not work. So, who do you call?

Taking it back to Target where I bought it. No more cell phone nightmares. They are a curse and a bane to humanity, now on every level. Not only do they cause brain cancer, but they drive you crazy in the interim. Even as an emergency device they fail.”

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