Monday, April 18, 2005


A word to the wise? Well, if we were truely wise we would not need these drugs and surgery at all. However, since we choose to live as we do, we need some alternative to the dangerous practice of ingesting poisons euphemistically termed "pharmaceuticals". The theory is that these compounds will kill the disease before they kill us.....According to the following article, 125,000 Americans die every year from legal drugs! Read it and weep. Then, dry your eyes and get natural with some of the ideas and suggestions below.

"Recently, safety questions have beset some depression and anti-inflammatory drugs, pushing pain relievers Vioxx and — most recently — Bextra from the market. Rising ranks of doctors, researchers and public health experts are saying that America is overmedicating itself. It is buying and taking far too much medicine, too readily and carelessly, for its own health and wealth, they say." From USA Today at:

Some alternatives to begin with....