Monday, March 21, 2005


About your drinking water. Here is a short article about chlorine and how it breaks down in our tap water into some nasty chemicals. Don't think just because you don't drink the tap water you are safe from this. If you take a shower, you are probably breathing TTHMs. You can take a lukewarm shower, which is probably healthier anyway. Article:

You can use various methods to clean and oxygenate your water. One way is to ozonate your water just like the big water companies do in many major cities around the world, including Los Angeles. But, they still have to introduce chlorine into the water so it can travel through the piping system and sit there safely waiting for you to turn on the tap. Ozone is 3000 times more effective in killing pathogens than chlorine, but it also has a very short shelf life and decays into regular stable oxygen in a few minutes at room temperature. But, you can use this activated form of oxygen to sterilize and purify your water and your air like Nature uses it to clean the environment.