Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Here is a very good reason to take the train or car etc. Flying is dangerous for some reasons you may not have suspected. For example, the little TV screens in the seats; has anyone done a EM sweep to see how much radiation is frying your brain from the seat behind you? If you think this is superstition check out Dr. Robert O. Becker's book "Cross Currents". And while you are at it, you might want to reconsider using that cell phone for other than real emergencies and moving away from those power lines etc.

However, the real cuprit on planes (other than the food) these days may be the lack of oxygen. It is bad enough that they have reduced the fresh air intake over the last years in favor of re-circulated air, but this is worse. According to this study, people are getting signifigantly reduced oxygen in flight. Now, combine this with the potential for re-circulated air filled with other people's germs and who knows what...and, well you do the math.

"54 Per Cent Of Air Passengers Experience Significant Reduction In Oxygen Levels
More than half of air travellers find that their oxygen saturation drops to a level at which many hospital patients would be prescribed extra oxygen, according to a paper in the May issue of Anaesthesia." From Science Daily at:

If you want to know more about how lack of oxygen breeds germs check out this site:

Otto Warburg won two Nobel Prizes. He discovered that cancer grows faster the less oxygen there is. Basically, high oxygen has been found to suppress the growth of pathogens and low oxygen encourages the growth of germs, e.g. most all microbes harmful to man are anerobic, which means they hate oxygen!