Saturday, November 20, 2004


This is a quote from a Forbes article that should be read;

"The survey is the first broad assessment of public perceptions of quality since the IOM, the nation's independent scientific adviser on health matters, issued its watershed 1999 report, To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System. That report concluded that hospital-based medical errors, if considered a cause of death in America, would rank as the nation's eighth leading killer overall. At least 44,000 people and as many as 98,000 die in hospitals each year due to preventable medical errors, the report concluded."

Full story at Forbes:
Also, this is very interesting:

A University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing study provides the first detailed description of the nature and prevalence of errors by hospital staff nurses.

This nothing new. In fact, the "Death of Medicine" is a much more inclusive and accurate study we believe, (you can easily Google this title).
There are alternatives to allopathic medicine. Some would say we are in the dark ages of medicine because so many effective cures have been suppressed by the vested, established interests of the current paradigm. Some are right. Medicine as most people know it is in the dark ages. You can find some very good alternative and complementary approaches under energy medicine CAM;

Energy Medicine: A very good overall article