Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Are there alternatives to using antibiotics and other powerful drugs and even surgery to treat and eradicate infections? We think there are. Two come to mind; rife frequencies and ozone. We found a few of good sources plus some bonuses in the form of herbs and other common substances like garlic that fight many infections very effectively.

Rife has been around for years, yet has been suppressed by the FDA because, quite simply, the FDA's main job is to protect allopathic medicine and the big pharmaceutical companies. This is well documented elsewhere for anyone who doubts this truth. However, not to get off on a tangent, we want to analyse the potential of rife to combat infections. A great article on a great site is

Ozone and oxygen therapies, have been ridiculed in the US while Germany has used it successfully for over 50 years. Russia has used it for over 15 years and Cuba is now using it. It is known that ozone kills practically every germ and pathogen that is harmful to man! Yet, the FDA calls it a toxic poison with no benefit. This, while patients who can afford to, flock to German doctors who routinely use it successfully on aids and cancer. See the articles at

There may be no panacea, but there are sure a lot of ways other than strong pharmaceutical drugs and cut and burn surgery and radiation to get a positive result. Some other approaches like silver and herbs can be found at