Monday, October 03, 2005


"Super-oxygenated water solution safely speeds healing of burns, chronic wounds"

More evidence that simple oxygen and it's many forms, e.g. ions, ozone etc. is more effective than drug therapy. First allopathic science ignores the fact that ion generators wipe out hospital infections; is this next? And, if this is true, would it not be prudent to make your own ozonated water, olive oil, etc. when it is so easy, cheap and safe?

"A super-oxygenated water developed in California by Oculus Innovative Science has been shown to safely kill bacteria and speed up the healing of
diabetic ulcers, burns and wounds. The solution, which looks, smells and tastes like water, wipes out single-celled organisms without harming surrounding tissue, which makes it ideal for treating chronic wounds."


This is not news to anyone familiar with "oxygen therapies" as practised for more than 50 years in Germany and now in Cuba, Russian, Mexico and some states of the Union. But, it is not common knowledge even to doctors in areas where the giant pharmaceutical companies have been able to suppress all other forms of treatment other than their own and those of which they approve, (non-competitive). For more information on making your own "oxygen" waters and the basic science of why a simple element like "oxygen" in its very active forms works so well at killing pathogens see: